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Current Fishing Report for Toledo Bend Lake

Toledo Bend Reservoir Fishing Report
December 2, 2018

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Hello anglers and outdoor addicts. Normally I tell fishing stories but man do I have a deer story? I was in the living area of our home in DeRidder and I looked and saw a beautiful 8 point buck in our back yard. Our back yard is completely enclosed by an 8 foot wooden fence and we have neighbors on both sides of us plus lots of other neighbors close by. I wondered how that buck was able to get in our back yard. That question was quickly answered as the big buck simply sailed across the 8’ back fence like it was nothing. I wished I have been able to video or at least make a photo but it happened so fast. It was a beautiful deer.

LAKE CONDITIONS: The lake level is 170.75 feet with both generators running 24/7. Surface water temperatures have plummeted to 58 degrees. North Toledo is stained with all the rain plus lots of generation at the dam. Mid lake is slightly stained due to rain run-off. South Toledo is mostly clear with some off colored conditions in back portions of major feeder creeks.

BASS FISHING REPORT Toledo continues to be tough for most anglers, me included. I have had some improvement the last couple of weeks fishing deep with jigging spoons, drop shot and Carolina rigs. On our drop shot rig I am not fishing the traditional drop shot rig but am using 17 lb. test Trilene Fluorocarbon and a 3/0 off set Fusion worm hook which I can cast. Plus instead of nose hooked the worm like a traditional drop shot rig, I am burying hook in the worm like a Texas rig which allow me to cast the rig instead of fishing it vertical.

When fishing deep with a drop shot as soon as my rig hits the water I start giving line where my rig will fall straight to the bottom. This does two things: It allows the rig to fall straight which looks more natural to the fish plus it allows for a longer cast. If you don’t give the rig slack in deep water it will come back toward the boat and you will lose at least a fourth of your cast.

On our Carolina rigs we like Berkley Power Worms in both the 7 and 10 inch versions. In addition “The General” which is a 5 inch cigar shaped worm has been working great on Carolina rigs. On the Power Worms my favorites are green pumpkin and watermelon candy. On The General I like baby bass and green pumpkin. Since the main forage this time of year is shad, baby bass works great. Fish the C rig slowly with frequent pauses of at least 10-15 seconds. On the jigging spoon I fish a ¾ oz Cordell Hammered spoon with 15 lb. mono and a medium action rod which will have some give when you get a good fish close to the boat.

On tough days (there’s been several) I will go with a spinning rig, 8-10 lb. test and a drop shot hook. With this rig I will nose hook the worm and fish it vertically. My favorite worm for this is a Bottom Hopper in June Bug, Red Bug and Morning Dawn. I fish this rig slightly shallower than the heavy duty rig from 22 to 30 feet.

CRAPPIE: Crappie guide, George Jeane, says crappie/white perch fishing is really good from 18 to 25 ft. on man-made brush piles. Jeane also said that the crappie jig bite is improving. This is done with a 1/16 oz. crappie jig fished vertically over brush. However, live shiners remain the ‘go to’ bait for crappie.

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