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Current Fishing Report for Toledo Bend Lake

Toledo Bend Reservoir Fishing Report
June 28, 2015

My Favorite Fishing Hole Goes Number One

Hello, anglers. If you are a frequent reader of this column and other writings of this blessed angler you will know that I often refer to Toledo Bend as My Favorite Fishing Hole. Well, it seems that I am far from being alone with that assessment as Bassmaster Magazine recently tapped Toledo Bend as the number one bass lake in the entire country. Bassmaster for several years has annually featured the top one hundred bass lakes in the country and Toledo has always been in the top tier of lakes. However, given the almost unbelievable number of huge bass that have been caught the last 12 months there was just too much data/info out there to keep The Bend from that number one spot.

Fellow outdoor writer, Jimmy Watson, says Bassmaster used research, surveys, and interviews to help make this decision. They also polled numerous game and fish departments across the country to get their opinions. Also, Bassmaster has 600,000 Facebook fans who also helped to influence the decision.

I have been a bass guide on Toledo since the late 90s plus I have fished the lake since the mid 70s and have spent 175 to 225 days a year on The Bend for the past 17 years. I would think this puts me into a pretty good position to be able to voice a credible assessment of this awesome fishery called Toledo Bend. If you are a regular reader of my columns and fishing reports you are aware that I have been singing the praises of Toledo for years. During all those years there has never been a better time than the present to catch your lifetime bass. In the past three months we (myself and clients) have caught 3 bass over 9 (two were just under ten), 6 over 8 pounds and I have lost count of the number of six and seven pounders we have caught. It has just been incredible.

Every day when I start out with clients I say them "There is a very good chance one of us will catch a huge bass today so make sure you have your drag set, fresh line and a good knot." That's how often we are getting bit by a trophy bass when you leave the ramp you expect to catch a big bass before you finish the day. Does it happen every day? Of course not but the frequency has been such that if you make a cast into Toledo Bend you better have your "house" in order or one of these Toledo bruisers will leave you talking to yourself.

To be able to fish this fishery is an anglers dream and I know I am so very blessed to have a guide service where I have a lakehouse on south Toledo and am just 33 miles from Sam Rayburn. Big Sam ranked in top 10 best lakes in country. This guide is giving thanks!!

LAKE CONDITIONS: The lake came back up to just under 173 feet with both generators running 24 hours plus seven gates are open one foot at the spillway. Water temps are running from 83 to 87 degrees with north Toledo stained, mid lake is slightly stained and clearing plus south Toledo is clear. With Toledo Bends recent notoriety look for boat traffic to increase in the months ahead. My website traffic has more than doubled since the BASS announcement last week.

FISHING REPORT/BASS: With this column's report on Toledo's number one ranking our fishing reports section will be shorter than normal this week. Our patterns have been about the same the past week but we are finding groups of fish in deeper water. Our routine has been to start shallow at first light but I like to be near deep water. Early mornings we are using topwater (poppers and walkers) and Stanley Ribbits and Top Toads, wacky worms, Texas rigs and mid-diving crankbaits. We are working most everything slowly. When the shallow bite (6 to 16 feet) slows we are moving to main lake humps/ridges and main feeder creek points using deep crank using DD22s, also Texas rigs and drop shot. For these we are targeting 16 to 30 feet.

CRAPPIE/WHITE BASS: I heard one source (Tom Barrett of Lake Charles) where his group of friends in three days caught 600 crappie. I think there were 12-15 in the group and they did hire guides and all of these fish came off of man-made brush piles in mid-lake area fishing 20 to 28 feet using live shiners. Also the white bass are showing up on south Toledo. DeRidder anglers, Bubba Smith and Lynn Clayton, got into a school of whites north of Buck Creek and caught a bunch of them. They were using jigging spoons.

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