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Current Fishing Report for Toledo Bend Lake

Toledo Bend Reservoir Fishing Report
October 6, 2015

Hello anglers and outdoor lovers. We experienced another fall cool front the past few days will greatly impact fishing. The winds did back off yesterday and this morning remain light/moderate. A high pressure system with a cold front does force us to make adjustments in our fishing techniques. One of the main issues with a cold front is the strong north winds which keeps us from getting out on some of our exposed main lake fishing areas. It forces us into creek areas that has some protection from winds. It also cuts downs on some of our options as far as baits and presentations.

An example would be that we have been catching fish using Texas rigs and light sinkers to ease the worm rough shallow grass. With winds present, we will have to use slightly heavier sinkers in order to cast and feel the bait in the wind. This usually means less bites and less fish. However, I have seen it when a fall front will fire up the bass and baits like a spinnerbait can be very productive. Either way Mother Nature rules where I make my living and I wouldn't want it any other way. Blessings galore!

LAKE CONDITIONS: Water temps at dawn the early part of this week were from 79-82 and will fall several degrees during this cold front as morning lows are predicted to be in mid to upper 50s. At the dam they are running one generator week days from 2 to 6 p.m. and water level is 168.22 feet which is about normal for early October. North Toledo is slightly stained, mid-lake is mostly clear and south Toledo is very clear with some stained conditions in back of main feeder creeks.

FISHING REPORTS/BASS: The past week we have been using several techniques/patterns including top water and frogs but the early bite was not as strong as last week. It also will be interesting as to how the front impacts top water techniques. Our frog choices have been Stanley's Ribbit which is a buzz-type frog and their Top Dog which is a floating frog. We fish these on 50 lb Spiderwire braid line and are a blast to use. The frog bite has been good but will wait and see what mood the bass are in following the front.

The spinnerbait bite continues to slowly improve and this front with cooler water temps will improve one of my favorite ways to catch bass.....spinnerbaits and shallow grass.

I will have a spinnerbait tied on for many weeks in the future. The early part of the fall my choice of spinnerbaits is a 1/4 and 3/8 oz. Stanley Vibrashaft with double willowleaf blades and a shad colored skirt. I also like their hand painted version with elongated skirts which gives super action. The willow blades seem to come through the grass better than the Colorado and Indiana blades. I use several retrieves but mostly use a fast (wake) retrieve and if they don't want that I really slow it down and use a stop-n-go and yo-yo retrieve. Most of the time my spinnerbait rig consists of 17 lb mono (Big Game clear or lo-vis green) line, Revo STX low profile baitcast reel and a 7' medium action Abu Garcia Veritas or Fenwick Elite Tech rod.

Another go-to bait for us last week has been the basic Texas rig with light sinkers and Berkley Bottom Hoppers. The Bottom Hopper is in the Havoc Series and is a straight tailed worm and measures 6.25 inches. It also works great rigged wacky with a nail inserted for weight. Bottom Hopper Jr is 4.75 inches and also works great on a drop shot rig as well as wacky. One cool and unique characteristic of the Bottom Hopper is that the tail floats so when you pause the bait, the tail slowly rises. I catch bass almost every time I use it by "dead sticking" the worm which is to cast it and let it lie still. When I do this I always take up most of the slack line so I can feel the bite.

We are also catching fish on Carolina rigged 10 inch Berkley Power Worms and Senkos. Top colors on Power Worms are Plum and green pumpkin while senko colors are watermelon red and watermelon blue flake. We are also using drop shot with Bottom Hopper Jr. and are fishing the Carolina rigs and drop shot on similar structure from 18 to 28 feet. Schooling bass have also been a fun part of our trips with schoolies holding on edge of ledge where depth falls from 10-14 feet to 20-30. After they stop schooling you can stay in the area and Texas rig, Carolina rig and drop shot.


Toledo crappie guide, Jack Adams, says the crappie are about the same as last week with catches running from 40-60 per morning with the late morning bite better than early bite which is common with full moon. Some of the crappie have been shallow (8-10 feet) and others 15-20. Live shiners still the best bait. Yellow bass are still being caught near major feeder creeks and also near schooling largemouth as both are feeding heavily on shad which is the main food for most species this time of year. Jigging spoons and tailspinners (Little George and Road Runners) will catch yellows.

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